Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Malignaggi-Diaz: Get on the Magic Man to take Juan

By Richie Doyle: Looking through the betting on next weekends fight between Paulie Malignaggi and Juan Diaz, I can’t help but smile that most bookmakers have Paulie Malignaggi at 13/10 to beat Diaz on Saturday night and 2/1 to win by points. To me these are great odds as on further inspection of his last fight with Diaz I find that Malignaggi was hard done by as I saw him as the aggressor and although he wasn’t quite as crisp as Diaz with his punches he certainly throw more and connected more throughout the fight and a fair result would have at least been a draw. Now don’t get me wrong I do see Diaz as a fairly decent fighter who could come out and show that the last fight wasn’t just a lucky home town decision but I do feel the magic man has something to prove and he will be up for this fight, so bring on Saturday night and great points victory for Malignaggi at 2/1.

Another intriguing fight over the weekend is Vitali Klitschko’s fight with the unbeaten Kevin Johnson. For me Johnson although unbeaten hasn’t fought anyone of any relevance in the heavyweight division and another Klitschko KO is on the cards so the bet isn’t how it’s when and looking on past fights Klitschko should take him in the late rounds so a stoppage in rounds 10-12 at 5/1 seems a reasonable bet.

The last comment I’d like to make is on the super six tournament where finally we see someone step up to plate and make themselves favourite to win the thing and that is Andre Ward with an emphatic win over Mikkel Kessler two weeks ago and at 6/4 I feel he’s not a great price but a solid price to take the crown with the only man in my opinion to trouble him being Arthur Abraham who has done well stepping up to super middle but I can’t see stopping Ward therefore I can’t see him beating ward and the way the tournament is shaping up it will be their fight (if they get to fight) that will determine the winner and with age on his side I can only see Ward getting better in the tournament so get on now at 6/4.

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