Friday, January 8, 2010

Mayweather vs Pacquiao: It’s Still Not Over

By Frank Car: Contrary to news circulating that the Floyd Maywather vs. Manny Pacquiao bout is off once again. I still believe it’s not over. “It’s off” is something we have heard, what, three or four times now? Although my optimism is somewhat fading, there is still time for what a source called a “business deadline” for the Mega-Fight to be made.

There is not that much to say, other than we need to wait for more official news to surface, from both camps. It has been Pacquiao’s camp to once again say it’s off. That is no surprise seemingly how it has been Pacquiao’s camp to be quick to say it’s off numerous times in the past. It could be a negotiations tactic, but how many times you cry wolf. This time though, things seem to be a bit more serious for there is not much time left to strike a deal, but there is some time left.

When Mayweather’s camp gives a official statement, we hear about the contract negotiations themselves, and find out why they were unable to come to an agreement. We can start assume this thing is officially off. And then, the finger of blame will be coming out in full force, looking for just who is at fault for botching the one of the most anticipated match-ups ever. But it may not come to that, for once again there is still time.

You know in most negotiations, either side would probably be glad to take any type of drug test if they could chose, say the glove size. Pacquiao wanted 8 ounce gloves Mayweather wanted 10, they are using 8. Or say the weight, Pacquiao wanted 147 Mayweather wanted 154, they are going at 147. Or perhaps the date, Pacquiao wanted March, Mayweather wanted May; they are doing it in March. The only real demand I have seen Mayweather make is for Pacquiao to take the random blood test, but there has been hinting of Pacquiao using PEDs which probably didn’t help that any.

In any case a Olympic-style random blood test would take 3-5 random blood tests and 4-9 random urine tests or so. And in each of those blood tests, you would probably lose more blood if you got a bloody nose then they would require. A random drug test (which is almost the only way it can be effective) to seal the deal for the fight of the century is really and truly not that big of a deal in my view.

Pacquiao has always shown class and integrity in and outside the ring. On this one though, I am not seeing eye to eye with him. However I do understand him not enjoying being bombarded with accusations of doping, but denying a state-of-the-art drug test isn’t helping it any.

For a fun fact, if you donate an entire pint of blood you get paid $0. If you donate plasma – which is a part of blood and about a 2 hour process – you get paid around 25$. But a few random drops may keep some from making millions.

Each side may be waiting until the final seconds to see if the other side gives in until they themselves do. (That can make sense if you read it a few times)

If this bout doesn’t proceed, each boxer would be walking away from about $40 million each… I would think someone is going to turn around and pick it up.

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