Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Miguel Cotto comments on the sad loss of his father

By Peter Wells: A man whom was deeply involved in his son’s career has passed away, suffering a heart attack yesterday. That man was Miguel Cotto Sr, father of former World Boxing Organization welterweight champion Miguel Cotto. Cotto Sr pledged his son’s corner to stop the fight against Manny Pacquiao where he was witnessing his son taking a brutal battering. Cotto Sr and Jr were close, and we all offer our deepest sympathies to the Cotto family.

Miguel Cotto Sr was suffering from Asthma and was driving in Caguas town centre when he felt ill, he then stopped the car and asked a local Liquor store owner to call an ambulance. Douglas Melendez told press that he called the hospital 4 times, and the last call was too late.

Evangelista Cotto was one of the first to the scene and was too upset to speak. Cotto’s former trainer and uncle hadn’t talked to Cotto Sr since Evangelista filed a complaint about Miguel Cotto and Cotto Sr took to his son’s side.

Felix Trinidad Sr father of 3 division world champion Felix ‘Tito’ Trinidad said that the news saddened him very much as he knew the Cotto family very much and gave his condolences to the Cotto family.

Miguel Cotto didn’t have much to say but said, “We appreciate all the tokens of affection and sympathy. It is a very painful moment for me and for my entire family. I hope that everyone respects our request for space to overcome this difficult moment”.

Cotto was saddened but strong about the sudden loss of his father and we respect his wishes and even though it has been a terrible start of the year for him we all hope things get better.

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