Sunday, January 17, 2010

Roger Mayweather to go to Court January 25th; Pacquiao stripped of IBO title

By Peter Wells: Roger Mayweather, uncle and trainer of Floyd Mayweather Jr. and father of two children, will arrive on January 25th in front of the jury on the charge of allegedly assaulting of female boxer Melissa St Vil. Mayweather was caught with his arms around the boxer, but has said that she had attacked him first. If she was to have attacked Roger, then Mayweather will get off with maybe just a fine or a few months in prison.

Unfortunately if he’s found guilty then he could get a prison term of 3-16 years. Yes, it is a ridiculous amount of time, but this is only something I read that has been said. Firstly he is raising two small children and secondly is training one of the best boxers around.

Roger has trained his nephew Floyd Mayweather Jr to become the unbeaten best fighter on the planet, stepping in for Mayweather Sr. It wasn’t the best thing to do, but why would you do something like that when you have so much to lose. I’m not saying he’s innocent or guilty. Only he and the St Vil know what really happened.

It would be a great loss in boxing and for a very long time. Mayweather will get his father Floyd Sr. to train him, but still he has children and would not like to end up like Floyd Sr and Floyd Jr were like before being back together.


Pacquiao stripped of IBO Light Welterweight title

Manny Pacquiao as we all expected to happen sooner or later has been stripped of his International Boxing Organization Light Welterweight crown which he took off Ricky Hatton in just 2 rounds last May. Manny Pacquiao has only fought once since for the WBO and WBC Diamond Welterweight titles and is scheduled to defend against Joshua Clottey in March. The IBO title is now up for grabs as a vacant title. I doubt we will get a good fight out of it, but the IBO can’t have Manny keeping hold of it for as long as he likes if he doesn’t plan on fighting at light welterweight.

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