Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Everybody's in the dance clash

The inner Jabbawockeez of the teen housemates in Team Villa just couldn't stay put anymore. Because on the third night of their stay, Big Brother discovered that the "Giling Girl ng Batangas" Kyra was not alone - for even Eslove, Joe and Shey have some of their own hip hop dancing skills (which absolutely kill!)! And everybody can only imagine how a big bulb lighted above Big Brother's head: "A-ha! Time to lash out a dance showdown among these two teams!" Instant Philippine's Best Dance Crew, wouldn't one say? Popping, locking and breaking all the way!

However, when the challenge was announced to the Team Apartment, one of them - a.k.a. in the form of Pots with the hip sideburns - had a brighter bulb hovering above his head. He suggested that he and his housemates should tackle the showdown on a different level! Hmm, what level, ya ask? Well, it was choosing eyebrow-wiggling over body-grooving! Well, that's something new... but will it wow the mind out of Big Brother's?

Never mind Big Brother because it was in the eyes of Mariel that the two groups' fates depended on. So in this afternoon's Uber, Team Villa and Team Apartment each went on for their turns and danced. While the former was on an all-out dance production, with matching beach wears to compliment the summer, the latter chose a more subdued demonstration, clad in casual indoor wear while doing their head-bobbing and eyebrow-crunching. Sure, both displayed ultimate efforts in achieving the prize of winning but it was the Team Villa whom Mariel handed the cute cartoon-designed pen as a special prize for giving out a more enjoyable presentation! Give it all up for Team Villa! (P.S. See if Team Apartment can still step their game up by continuing to watch PBB Teen Clash 2010 every day!)

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