Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Goat morning, Team Villa!

An exasperating "Oh My Goat!" is exactly what Team Villa must have felt upon seeing that Big Brother has indeed sent them a special visitor! After losing to Team Apartment in which team's faster in piecing together their bunch of baby pictures, Big Brother has given them a special task of milking a goat! Are the teen housemates up for this challenge or are they going to "Ngeee" out of it? On the other hand, Team Apartment appears to be growing close with each other - all thanks to Potz's long-grown sideburns! The girls especially Fretzie, who seemed to have found these amusing, tossed out their grooming skills and knowledge and applied them on the cute-diculous sideburns. They put on heart-shaped barrettes and pulled the hair into braids. Hmmm, how about if Fretzie's heart suddenly become twisted around Potz? Oh, no! Too early for that? Let's see about that by tuning in always to PBB Teen Clash Edition of 2010 every day!

By: Krishna Belle Meniado

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