Saturday, May 22, 2010

Floyd Jr continues to dodge fight with Pacquiao

It seems that Floyd Mayweather Jr. continues to dodge a megafight with Manny Pacquiao.

The virtual chess match between both fighters continued after Mayweather’s camp announced a new demand regarding his rival’s drug testing, preventing him from squaring off with Pacquiao inside the ring.

On Thursday, Pacquiao called Mayweather’s bluff, agreeing to take a blood test 14 days before their proposed November 13 battle.

No deal has been finalized in the much-awaited duel between two of boxing’s most celebrated fighters as Top Rank’s Bob Arum and Golden Boy’s Richard Schaefer are still on the negotiating table to make the fight of the year take place.

Mayweather, in an interview by boxing writer Michael Marley, had a quick answer to Pacquiao’s turnaround, saying that from the start, he has demanded the seven world division champion to take test 14 days before the fight.

Now Mayweather, according to Marley, wants to do testing closer to the fight.

This new demand may not sit well with Team Pacquiao.

“(Mayweather) should be blamed if the fight doesn’t push through because Pacquiao has already agreed to take the test," said Arum.

Pacquiao believes getting blood sample closer to fight day could have an affect on his performance the same thing that happened when he lost to Erik Morales in 2005.

The US Anti Doping Agency is expected to facilitate the testing. – JVP, GMANews.TV

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