Monday, May 3, 2010

Mayweather dominates Mosley and wins unanimous decision!

By Sam Gregory: Tonight on HBO pay per view boxing the highly anticipated mega-fight between undefeated Floyd “Money” Mayweather 40-0 with 25 KO’s and “Sugar” Shane Mosley 46-5 with 39 KO’s finally got underway at just after 11:30 EST.

Shane Mosley’s trainer Naazim Richardson stayed in Mayweather’s dressing room to watch the wrapping of Mayweather’s gloves which caused somewhat of a delay in the fight. Immediately after his hands were wrapped, Floyd Mayweather was handed the gloves he was to wear for the fight. This was the first time Mayweather saw the gloves without trying them on before the fight which was an unusual set of circumstances according to ringside commentator Emanuel Steward.

So because of the delay by the Shane Mosley camp Floyd Mayweather took his time entering the ring as well.

Round 1 Mosley appeared to be very tense as both men tested their opponent with jabs; there were several clinches in the round but neither fighter did much in the way of landing punches. Mosley slipped and touched his glove to the canvas.

In round 2 Mosley hi0t Mayweather with a very hard right to the head; Mosley landed another right to the head that wobbled Mayweather and he appeared hurt. Mayweather tied up after the punches. Mosley had a very good round.

In round 3 Mayweather landed 2 solid shots to Mosley’s head. Mayweather was landing more accurate shots; both fighters looked to be in a testing out mode like they were in the first round.

Between rounds both corners told their fighters to settle down and box

Round 4 both men threw jabs than tied up; Mayweather stepped up the rhythm of the fight and landed a hard fight hand. Mosley slowed down considerably in this round; Mayweather had a better round landing more punches.

Round 5 both men traded punches; Mosley tied up Mayweather and pushed him across the ring; the ref warned both fighters for holding. Mayweather dictated the offensive flow of the fight; Mosley was fighting Mayweather’s fight.

Round 6 Mayweather was throwing his jab and catching Mosley as he tried to counter; Mayweather was landing big punches inside. Mayweather had another good round.

4 rounds to 2 for Mayweather

Round 7 Mayweather is outlanding Mosley with power shots and combinations. Mayweather is having a big round landing punches at will. Mosley looks tired and beat after this round.

Between rounds Richardson tells Mosley to wake up

Round 8 Mosley gets warned for holding; Mosley looks beat and frustrated. Mayweather landed punches at will.

Round 9 another round where Mayweather lands punches at will pot shoting Mosley; Mosley looks frustrated even more.

Between rounds Mayweather looks so relaxed he hardly looks like he’s in a fight

Round 10 Mosley lands a punch but Mayweather counters with a double combination. Mayweather lands punches so hard and sharp, Mosley looks tired and beat

Between rounds Richardson is very frustrated with Mosley

Round 11 Mosley has no power in his jab; Mayweather throws and lands combinations at will; Mosley misses and looks frustrated.

Round 12 Mayweather had another solid round; Mosley wasn’t really in this round or in this fight since round 2.

After the twelfth and final round the fight goes to the judge’s scorecards:

119-109 twice and 118-110 all for the winner Floyd Mayweather

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