Saturday, May 8, 2010

Roach says Mayweather-Pacquiao fight will happen in October or November

By Eric Thomas: Trainer Freddie Roach is saying that the mega fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao is currently being put together and will likely take place in October or November of this year. In an interview at 790thezone, Roach said that the they will be meeting Mayweather half way for the Olympic style blood tests that he wants. Previously, Mayweather wanted the blood tests to go up until 14 days before the fight. Pacquiao wanted the tests to go until 24 days.

However, Roach says that they’ll be meeting Mayweather half way at 17 or 18 days. Roach says “Yes, it [the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight] is going to happen. I just talked to [Top Rank promoter] Bob Arum yesterday, and Arum is flying to the Philippines today to make Manny the offer…We’re going to meet in the middle. They wanted 14. We offered 24. Yeah, it’s going to be 17 or 18.” This is great news, because a lot of boxing fans were beginning to think the fight wouldn’t happen, as there a lot of talk about Pacquiao still wanting the testing to stop at 24. It’s good to know that they’ll meet Mayweather half way on the blood testing.

Roach was somewhat impressed with Mayweather’s performance the other night, saying “He can’t punch. Speed factor. He’s a little slower. You saw the other night that his legs aren’t there anymore. H can’t change his style because he can’t move like he used to. That why he’s more flat footed, and that’s why Shane [Mosley] did hit him in the first two rounds. But Shane got old overnight, but that happens. Mayweather is pretty much managed by Richard Schaefer [of Golden Boy Promotions], and he’s negotiating for him with Golden Boy.”

Roach is correct about Mayweather’s lack of movement against Mosley. However, that seemed to be more by design than because he couldn’t move. Mayweather appeared to be want to punch with Mosley and really didn’t need to use his legs much because he was so effective at leaning away from Mosley’s punches when he would throw a rare shot. Mayweather was quick to counter Mosley every time he would try to throw a punch. This had the effect of making Mosley gun shy.

Roach says the fight will be taking place in Vegas, saying “I would love to go to Dallas to sell that place out, but Mayweather has a big issue. His home is Vegas, and he sees it as a Vegas fight. We have no problem with that. It will be the biggest fight of all time. There talking about it taking place in October or November, definitely by the end of the year. This is a big challenge cause with Mayweather, I have to come up with the perfect game plan. This is a big challenge to get this win. Mayweather is very good at what he does. He got caught a couple of times early in that fight [Mosley bout], but if Pacquiao gets him hurt, he will finish him. He doesn’t have movement like he used to. He’s a lot more flat footed – the weight and the age. The style he fought the other night is very good for the fans, because he didn’t run and he did come to fight. It’s unfortunate that Mosley didn’t have more in the tank, but Pacquiao will. We will knock him [Mayweather] out.”

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