Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It’s looking like Mayweather will retire undefeated

By Dave Lahr: With an impressive 41-0 record and with little competitive to speak of in the junior welterweight, welterweight and light middleweight divisions, it’s looking a lot like Floyd Mayweather Jr. will retire undefeated and a very rich man. Whether Mayweather fights Manny Pacquiao or not, I still think Mayweather has no competition and will retire unbeaten. Pacquiao, if he accepts the blood testing and the purse split that Mayweather asks of him, is going to be really over his head against Mayweather.

We saw already how easily Mayweather beat the number #3 welterweight in the division Shane Mosley, the fighter that Pacquiao’s trainer Freddie Roach didn’t want to fight Pacquiao. And we’ve also recently seen how easily Mayweather beat Juan Manuel Marquez, the same fighter that Pacquiao had huge headaches against in his two fights. You can’t just explain that away by saying Marquez was bloated or that he was all of a sudden old.

We already heard that excuse for why Mayweather dominated Mosley. Neither of those two fighters was old at the time that Mayweather fought them. Its Mayweather’s incredible talent that made them look that way. Pacquiao, if he does give in to what Mayweather is asking of him in the negotiations, will experience the beating of his life.

It’s just good that it will be Pacquiao’s last fight of his career so he doesn’t have to try carry on afterward, and possibly end up half a fighter. Mayweather is going to beat Pacquiao every which way but Tuesday when and if he fights him. Mayweather is just too deadly accurate with his punches, too fast and much too talented for the defensively limited Pacquiao. Mayweather is just going to have way too many targets to aim his punches at when he fights Pacquiao and he’s going to be like a kid in a candy store. He won’t know what to tag first because there will be so many openings to choose from for Pacquiao.

Other than Pacquiao, the rest of the division won’t be any problems for Mayweather. I expect Amir Khan to be almost immediately pushed into a fight with Mayweather, whether Khan is ready for the fight or not. They’re not taking any chances with Khan and matching him very lightly to keep him moving forward towards a mega fight in the future against Mayweather.

It’s kind of sad, really, because by putting Khan against guys they know he can beat, he’s going to be hopelessly out of his class by multiple levels when he’s finally put in with Mayweather. I see that fight as an early knockout for Mayweather unless he wants to toy with Khan like a cat with a mouse. It’ll too easy for Mayweather to destroy Khan, but that’s probably a fight that will happen soon after Mayweather destroys Pacquiao.

Maybe Saul Alvarez will be soon pushed into a fight with Mayweather as well. With both Khan and Pacquiao annihilated, they’ll probably look to put the young Alvarez in with Mayweather to get the young Mexican a shot at a huge payday before Mayweather hangs up the gloves for good. This fight will be even easier than Khan, because Alvarez is slower and has no defense whatsoever. That might end in a 1st round knockout win for Mayweather. Alvarez was stunned in the 1st round in his last fight by the small lightweight Jose Cotto. I can’t see Alvarez doing much other than getting taken out quickly by Mayweather.

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  1. Ang bias naman ng article na to! Bakit yung laban ni Pacquiao at Mayweather kay Dela Hoya hindi sinabi. Kasi naman nahirapan si Mayweather kay Dela Hoya. Samantalang si Pacquiao binugbog si Dela Hoya! HAHAHA!