Wednesday, June 2, 2010

NBA Western Conference Finals: Game 1 Suns Vs. Lakers Full Game (Video Inside)

The Los Angeles Lakers in Game 1 showed no signs of weakness(besides Vujacic). Kobe drops 21 p0ints in the 3rd quarter finishing with 40 points and Lakers defeat the Suns 128-107. Bryant last scored 40 points in the postseason during the opener of last year’s NBA finals against Orlando.

If you were unaware the Lakers are a BIG team, and that hieght disrupted the Phoenix shooters who went 39 of 79 from the field, and 5 of 22 from deep. The “Kardashian Enigma” Lamar Odom played at a level he seldom shows with 19 points, and 19 boards.

Nash had 13 points, and 13 assists in 28 minutes but the Suns will have to increase their level of defense. Allowing the Lakers to shoot 58% from the field and 47% from behind the arc and scoring 128 points spells SWEEP. Amare Stoudemire had 23 points, but the best three-point team this season was a woeful 5 of 22 from deep.

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