Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Quinton Jackson Says He Fell Victim To Ring Rust, Fox May Sue Him

Following his UFC 114 loss to Rashad Evans, Quinton Jackson spoke to the media at the post fight press conference and discussed this performance in the bout. Jackson also mentioned that 20th Century Fox didn't know he was fighting and apparently weren't too pleased about it considering Jackson stars in their upcoming A-Team release:

"I'm really ashamed of myself that I fell victim to ring rust. Emotions had nothing to do with it. I focused really hard and I trained really hard on this fight, but me having this damn movie and everything -- I kind of almost regret doing the damn movie now. There was so much pressure. (20th Century) Fox kind of threatened to sue me if I lost and everything because they didn't know I was fighting. [Evans] had a great game plan, and it worked well for him. I'm not a sore loser. That's why I commended him. We all come for the same cloth. We all put our lives on the line and get in the Octagon and do battle."

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